Zeppelin Systems

Food & Beverage

Material Receiving and Storage of Liquid and Powdery Raw Materials


Outdoor storage tank Sugar silo    


Mixing Technology


Inline multi-component mixing system Metering from raw material containers Volumetric metering  

Dry Matrial Handling and Metering


Minor ingredient handling (dissolving, temperature controlling, metering) Dry material metering Dry materials intermediate
storage / supply


Thermal Product Treatment

Preheating / degassing / heating / cooling Compact system design    


Sugar Processing


BigBag handling Metering screws Dissolving / pasteurizing / filtering / storage  


Filtration Systems

MF-system in pilot-plant dimensions Candle filter package units Complete line for water processing Ultrafiltration system raw material recovery


CIP-Cleaning / Waste Water Treatment


CIP System in compact design Mobile CIP System    


Automation / Supervisory System


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